Behind The Brand

Mission Statement: to inspire a clean & comfortable environment, bringing luxury to your seat.

With great pride I stand behind SeatSheets, knowing that every piece is handmade in the USA and improves upon customers’ wellbeing.

My passion for medicine, fashion & fitness is threaded through the utility and design of SeatSheets.

As a professional in the field of medicine, I have worked every day in sterile environments for over ten (10) years. Experience has shown me the importance of maintaining a clean environment in all areas of my life. With this understanding, and health & safety becoming an ever-growing focus in our community, I thought: While we cannot take the sterilized nature of an operating room with us wherever we go, we can take measures to elevate the overall cleanliness of high touch areas — especially communal seats!

Born and raised in New York, I have spent my life exposed to - and fascinated by - some of the world’s best brands in fashion. Everything I purchase, carry or wear is an expression of my personal style, and every. detail. matters. This attitude influenced the raised standard for every piece of the SeatSheets’ look, from product to packaging.

How about the SeatSheets “feel”? Well, prior to my current days spent in and around the hospital operating room, I was an NCAA Division I gymnast at The George Washington University. Since then, my closet has always been filled with sleek performance-level comfort. Comfortable & functional – the dynamic inspiration for the athleisure fabric of SeatSheets.

I am proud to bring my customers a product that culminates my life experience.

My approach to creating this product yielded the same commitment as:

  • Each of my walks into the operating room
  • The representation of class & comfort in my own lifestyle brand
  • Coutine performance, at one of the highest levels of competitive gymnastics

Every detail in the product design of SeatSheets - from start to finish - required an equal amount of my focus and dedication to scoring a perfect 10.0.

I’ll let you be the judge.


Bree Krinsky; Founder of SeatSheets

Please Remain Sheeted. TM