Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why SeatSheets?

SeatSheets adds a personal protective covering to your seat. Everything we do is designed to inspire a clean & comfortable environment at the luxury of your seat.

2. How do SeatSheets protect me?

SeatSheets act as a protective barrier between you and the seat.

3. Where can I use SeatSheets?

Designed to sheet airplanes, trains, buses, restaurants, rental cars, lounge chairs, movie theater seats, broadway theater seats, doctors office waiting rooms, salons/barbers, computer desk chair & more

4. Are there different size SeatSheets for each of these seats?

No, SeatSheets are adjustable. Note: the fit will vary from seat to seat.

5. What type of fabric are SeatSheets made of?

SeatSheets are made of Bamboo Charcoal and Spandex.

6. How are SeatSheets antimicrobial?

SeatSheets are made from natural antimicrobial fabric.

7. Do SeatSheets tear?

SeatSheets are durable. Handle with care similar to any fabric material.

8. Where are SeatSheets manufactured?

Made in USA.

9. Are SeatSheets eco-friendly?

Yes, we are conscious of using sustainable materials for both our products and packaging.

10. Can I re-use SeatSheets?

SeatSheets are re-usable and machine washable.

11. What are the care instructions?

Machine washable, cold wash, no bleach, like colors, tumble dry.

12. Do SeatSheets come with a carrying case?

Yes, SeatSheets come in an adjustable pouch. The pouch acts as a tray table cover or can be used as a place to stow your belongings.